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Throughout the Season, please send us your proud photos of your "Backyard Rinc"  !  We will display them on this page for all to see!


Please tell us what your dream rink would be like?  We can build you a rink between 16' x 32' all the way up to 84' x 200' .  Tell us what type of rink enhancements or accessories you might like including lighting, hockey goals, netting, pucks- you name it.  We can include pre-cut 3/4" plywood in heights of 12", 24" or 48" high or NiceRink's thermorformed plastic boards!  We can include the NiceRink ice resurfacer in your proposal as well in addition to banners, flags, anything and everything to give you the Home-ice advantage.  Visit for NiceRink's full product catalog!  


              Anatomy of a "Backyard Ice Rinc"
Start to finish photos of how we can transform your ordinary backyard into your own personal Ice Rink! 

These photos were taken during the
construction of Dans "
rinC "in Mokena

This particular rink is 24'X64'



  First we locate the best possible position for your Backyard Ice Rinc 

Next, we clear off any snow to ensure the smoothest possible surface so that your "rinC " liner will lay flat and free of any debris of potential hole puncturing dangers.

After the desired area of the "
rinC " is cleared, we begin to lay out all necessary materials used to construct your
"backyard rinC"

We begin to lay out all materials begining with the appropriate brackets to support your side board system.

Then, the plywood boards are layed out ready for installation.

The sideboards are installed and fitted with the angle brackests.

The foam bumber caps are added for both protection of injury and also they add classy accent to your
"Backyard Rinc"

At this point, the liner has been installed and yellow bumper caps have been fitted all the way around the "
rinC"  for a perfect fit.

We add lights (purchase optional) around the rinks for night use. 

The Final Product and Happy Customer!!

We can build a "Backyard Rinc" anywhere! 
This Rinc was constructed in Downtown Chicago!

    The uniqueness of this location makes it stand out to its surrounding neighbors.  This particular "Backyard Rinc" was 18'X36'.
A portion of the Rinwas built on rocks under a carport!
Once again, we show you step by step how an ordanary backyard was transformed into another personalized custom "Backyard Rinc"!

The Yard is surveyed for proper placement.

The Yard is then cleaned of all debris that may cause a puncture or damage to the liner.

Rocks do not make installation difficult!  In the event of rocks, concrete or asphalt surface, we are able to still construct your "Backyard Rinc" with no problem!

Roof top view of the rinC

The Final Product. 

Contact Information

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