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NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Brackets

NiceRink brackets are the most unique and easiest method ever devised to make the perimeter of an outdoor, temporary ice rink. So unique in fact, they're patented. The NiceRink ™ brackets were designed and engineered based on the knowledge we've gained from building and skating on our own outdoor rinks using the traditional sideboard and pounded stake method. The NiceRink ™ brackets eliminate the need to "build" a rink. They are easy to use and cut installation time by at least half. With that in mind, we know you'll enjoy the practical purpose and clean esthetic look of the bracket's design on your NiceRink. The NiceRink brackets spaced every 4' are designed to accommodate 3-14" of ice with no additional support needed. This is accomplished by using our Thermoformed Plastic Sideboards, or a 3/4" thick plywood in variable height panels of 12", 16" or 24" as required by your rinks location, design and how the rink will be used. The ability to adjust the board height makes it easier to erect a rink on uneven or sloping ground. The minimum board height is 8" with a maximum suggested height without additional support of 24". This allows for as much as a 10" pitch (14" of ice) using the NiceRink backyard ice rink brackets alone. For rinks placed on uneven or slopping ground, there is a 3/4" diameter stake hole within the bracket to provide extra stability when needed. Frost penetrating stakes are available in 18" and 24" lengths. Brackets should be placed every four feet along the perimeter. Place them every 2 feet apart and add steel stakes into the bracket for any deeper areas that exceed 14" of water/ice. If the water/ice gets up to or over 18”, please contact us for additional board support recommendations.

Email for quantities and quotes!

NiceRink™ Backyard Rink Thermoformed Plastic Boards

NiceRink Backyard Ice Rink Thermoformed Plastic Interlocking Sideboards

NiceRink, has improved the plastic thermoformed boards and made them even better than before for 2009 to use in conjunction with your nicerink brackets. The new 2009 improvement has an even better hinge/interlocking design which is even more user friendly than the 2008 model, allowing the NiceRink boards to be more easily connected together for a nice sturdy long lasting sideboard which has further improvements to keep the boards better locked together at the bottom.   With the aluminum insert support bar along the back of the board for added stability for rink sites that have more slope with deeper water/ice, that extends over the top of the brackets to "LOCK" the brackets to the boards when fully seated into the brackets. No backside board attachment necessary. NiceRink thermoformed boards allow a swivel/hinging action so anyone can create radius type corners, without the need for additional curved or flexible boards. The dual purpose stacking buttons along the top of the boards also act in conjunction with the NiceRink bumper caps. By molding the stacking buttons at an optimum height from the top of the board they aid in helping to secure your Bumper Caps to the boards and help prevent them from blowing off.

If you're looking for the serious backyard rink of a lifetime, the only way to go is with the NiceRink Thermoformed Plastic Boards. They're lighter weight, longer lasting and look so much better than wood boards.

For Lakes, Ponds and Hard Court Surfaces – We/You can make a simple modification to our NiceRink Brackets and you can then use the NiceRink Thermoformed Boards & NiceRink Brackets on Frozen Lakes, Ponds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, or other hard surface area.

Boards Measure: 18"tall, 4'long, 1"thick
Boards Weight: 8 Lbs. (Less than half the weight of 16"x 4'x 3/4" piece of plywood.)
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Backyard Ice Rink Liners by NiceRink ™

NiceRink Liners

NiceRink ™ I

(Recommended for Your Backyard Ice Rink)
NiceRink  1 (6 mil 4 layered, reinforced ripstop)

NiceRink #1 is the baby brother to our NiceRink #3 material. It is virtually the same material, just a bit thinner to cut cost and weight for less demanding requirements. NiceRink #1 still offers the -70F Cold Crack along with the ripstop reinforcements to prevent further tearing or zippering to help keep cuts and holes to a minimum size. Available in widths of 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, and 70, foot stock by any length. Wider widths available starting at 72' and 6' increments thereafter upon request

Portable Refrigerated Rink Kits

Portable Refrigerated Rink Kits


Information on portable refrigerated ice skating rinks in many sizes, shapes and designs.
Whether on an existing tennis court, patio or backyard we can put a rink in almost any location on a level location.
Each rink is designed to maintain ice reliably and safely with enough refrigeration to provide up to five months of outdoor ice skating each season.

Imagine, 4-5 months of REAL refrigerated ice starting at:
20' x 40' refrigerated Rink Kit

32' x 60'  refrigerated Rink Kit

To ensure delivery for the current year please book by the end of June each year..

Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacers

NiceRink Resurfacers







Our Ice resurfacer is a portable, hand-operated tool that makes creating and maintaining a high-quality ice rink a snap. The Patented NiceIce" resurfacer consists of an easy to handle galvanized steel pipe frame that serves as a conduit for water feed by a garden hose systematically distributing the water evenly onto the ice and smoothed on contact by the NiceIce" resurfacing mat. Thin, controlled applications of water produce a Super Smooth Surface to any rink in minutes.

28", 32", 36", 52", 66" Replacement Mat

NiceIce Mat (28")

Super Wide Pusher

 36" Super Wide Snow Pusher
For the light snow falls and or skate shavings, this 36" wide, plastic double handled time saver cuts your ice cleaning time in half with double the shovel!!
All Plastic Blade!

30" Steel Scraper Heavy Duty

 30" Steel Scraper, Heavy Duty 8 Lbs.

Sleigh Shovel

Sleigh Shovel (Items Ships Oversize as 150Lbs.)

Ice Chopper

Ice Chopper

NiceRink Rink In A Box - Package         
$345.00 Plus Freight!!

NiceRink™  celebrates the fourth year for its "Rink in a Box" retail package available in local retail outlets. Hundreds of families "Took home the fun" when they purchased a 20 X 40 foot backyard ice rink. NiceRink, the leading manufacturer of home and commercial outdoor rink systems, continues to offer this package for an incredibly affordable price. The package comes with complete directions and the rink is simple to set up and adapts to uneven ground using the patented NiceRink Bracket System (included)

Replacement 24' X 44' liner for 20' X 40' starter kit
Cash pick up and shipping!!

NiceRink Expansion Kits

Kick Plates
KickPlates 6" x 8' White, includes 4 screws per plate
The kick plates are made with .085'high density UV treated white poly to protect the bottom edges of your liner, right above the ice surface that would normally be exposed to skate blaces, shoves, sticks pucks, etc.  The kick plates will protect against any accidental cuts or punctures to the most vulnerable areas of the liner system. 
Kick plates are 6" tall by 8' long and weigh 1.5lbs each.

Email for quantities and quotes!

Liner Straight Weight 1'X8'

Liner Weight Straight 1 x 8

4'X6' Hockey Nets












Edge Sports 2 Inch Portable Rink Rat Regulation Hockey Goal
Pictured are Hockey Nets we have chosen to stock for quick shipping.  Some can be completely dismantled and some fold in half, and one is a solid one piece construction that stays fully assembled.  All nets offer a "Top Shelf". 

NEW!   Pond Goal!
NEW - Pond Hockey Goal
You've never seen anything like this!  Its a low profile double pond hockey goal.  Bobby Hull always said the worst part of out door hockey was when sombody hoisted the puck into your shins, or even worse, your face! 

Rick O'Shay 3D Goal Blocker

Rick O'Shay 3-D Goal Blocker - Arctic Blue

NiceRink Tender

NiceRink Tender

Light Up Pucks

LightUp Puck Flashing

Original Six Puck Set

Original Six Puck Set

NiceRink Rink Rat Pucks

NiceRink RinkRat Hockey Puck

Team Canada and Team USA Hockey Pucks

Team Canada Hockey PuckTeam USA Hockey Puck

"Pond Hockey"  movie 
The Best and Purest Hockey Movie Ever!
Pond Hockey Movie - The BEST and PUREST Hockey Movie Ever! - John Buccigross - ESPN

Perimeter Netting

Back Stop/Perimeter Netting 8' x 24'
The 8' high, 24" long backstop netting is perfect for stopping high and wide shot pucks and saving windows!  The can be used both during the winter with your rink and during the summer across the front of the garage.  The nets are made with 3mm strands spaced at 7/8" to make sure the pucks dont get through.  With the tight 7/8" spacing they can also be used to hit golf balls into during the off season!

Perimeter Fencing & Flexible Posts

Perimeter Fence
Lightweight, smooth edged fencing, paired with extra tough flexible fiberglass posts will contain players, the puck and keep the game going.  The fencing is colored white to make for a NiceRink appearance and the flexible posts will provide a sure rubber band effect when falling off the rink!

Fencing Products:
4' X50' fencing
1/2" X 6' Flexible posts
8" ties for posts

Halogen Lights
Quartz Lighting Dual 500W Halogen lights with stand
Light up the whole neighborhood with this outdoor rated halogen light.  Regular 1000W double lights, complete with stand, on/off switch, and wire bulb guard.  The lights can be removed and clipped to trees, posts or other solid objects to light any area on your rink.  Also great  for summer parties and shop work.  Extends 6' high!

Nice Rink Self Coiling Hose
NiceRink Self Coiling Hose

Hose Reel Heavy Duty

 Hose Reel Heavy Duty







24" NiceMat winter walk way

24 x  NiceMat winter walkway matting

This 2' wide matting protects your skate blades and the surface underneath your newly aquired high traffic area.  (The path to the rink!)  The material has excellent cold crack and wear resistance to provide protection for years!  NiceMat walkway matting is sold by the lineal foot, so you can purchase as much or as littla as your area requires!

Email for quantities and quotes!

We support our troops!!  Join Backyard Rinc. in showing your support by flying a complimentary American Flag high above your rink included with your order!
View Image

Begin play at your new home rink with a Team USA Hockey Puck wich is also included in your order!!

Team USA Hockey Puck

Local C.O.D. Orders Avialable!!!

Ice Rink Maintinance

 * Maintenance, snow removal & resurfacing available for additional fees



We also are skilled in Ice Repair.

This Hole was approx. 3' long by 2' wide by 2"deep.


Smooth as Glass and 100% repaired!!

 Already have a backyard ice rink?  Call Greg at 1-708-529-3043 to see how you can turn your rink into a customized backyard wiffle ball stadium complete with homerun fencing, foul poles, flags/banners, backstop netting, strikezone and more!


             Email for quantities and price quotes for any of our product information!












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